Office Fit Out


New to our 2018 Office Fit Out Guide is the Office Fit Out Matrix, a tool to help you understand office fit out costs on a deeper, more relevant level, and begin to see how a handful of dynamics can impact your office space design and cost. The Office Fit Out Matrix utilizes and compares two main dynamics – office style and space quality and complexity, and displays how choices in each category can affect your bottom line.

Office style: This category compares differences in the layout of an office and factors in elements like private office, cubicle and workstation ratios, employee density, size of dedicated collaboration spaces, floor plan layout and other stylistic elements.

Space quality and complexity: This category evaluates the physical design elements of an office and complexity of the new fit out project. It also accounts for the quality of selected finishes and improvements, complexity of space upgrades and design work, and amount of technology additions.

Space quality & complexity


Office Fit Out Guide Matrix
Low Medium High
Office style

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