Parking facilities are valuable for the faculty, student and visitor experience at every university – and they are valuable real estate assets, too. What if you could offload parking management and maintenance without losing control of your facilities?
We’ve busted the common myths about parking P3s and answered your question: is a public private partnership right for your institutions parking facilities? Learn how you can benefit from the facts behind these seven myths in our latest whitepaper.
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Seven myths about parking P3s, busted.

What’s inside?

Myth: Parking P3 agreements always have lengthy terms

P3s involving all property types come in many shapes and sizes.

Myth: The parking operator will determine parking rates

As you negotiate your P3 agreement, you’ll have the opportunity to alter this.

Myth: A P3 means losing control of your real estate

The more flexibility you want, the greater the financial trade off

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