Spalding University faced a major, yet not uncommon, challenge. Budgets were tight, yet the university’s leadership was committed to improving the campus and facilities experience.
Since beginning this initiative, Spalding has doubled its campus size without increasing its facilities budget. In a remarkable turnaround, they were also able to achieve:
  • $100,000 in annual savings across service contracts
  • 20 capital projects completed
  • 207,386 square feet of space constructed or renovated
  • 4,500 light fixtures converted to energy efficient LED bulbs
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What was accomplished

The greening of SoBro

Transformation of an urban campus doesn’t happen in a bubble. As part of the SoBro neighborhood development team, we uncovered opportunities for Spalding to contribute improvements to the community by transforming empty lots around the school into more than ten acres of new green spaces and parks.

Maximizing use of facilities resources

Reupholstering the library’s vintage midcentury furniture is just one creative cost saving tactic that yielded spectacular results. With creativity and ingenuity, our facilities team has reduced costs and diverted budget toward other campus and community improvements.

Investing in new facilities and upgrading the old

Since 2007, Spalding has increased office, laboratory, class room, dining, and residential spaces by more than one third. We’ve helped the university add nine buildings, expanding the campus from 407,124 square feet to 614,510 square feet of space.

“It matters who you partner with. It matters a great deal.”

Spalding University’s president, Tori Murden McClure, shares what has been accomplished on campus and how it has impacted students, the community, and their mission.

It’s time to make smart campus investments once again

Many universities are now being forced to choose between cutting costs and making capital investments. But what if you could do both?

Spalding University and JLL bring green spaces to urban Louisville

New athletic fields to be Spalding’s latest contribution to livening the SoBro neighborhood.

Eric Miller

Executive Director, Mid-Atlantic

Josh Cohen

Executive Director,

Ric Powell

Executive Director, Central

McLeod Norman

Executive Director, South